Once you have fallen for something make sure you rise with that.

It is true we all have some special bonding towards something or the other. Our life has given us such beautiful experiences and beautiful opportunities of falling in love.Be it music,be it dance,be it the gym,be it yoga,be it books,be it laptops be it anything we all have a strong connection with these things.

It is rightly said that goals in one’s life should be such that they help you wake up every morning.These goals help us to rise.We become better from what we were before.Let me share my hilarious experience.I was a lazy girl waking up at 8:00 am and then rushing to the college.I had started overeating,losing stamina,losing sleep and overthinking on petty issues.I was not able to concentrate and had lost my focus.Then I realized I was no more fit and got irritated easily.I started reading blogs and articles.Then I read that exercises are the best way to stay fit and fine.I gave myself a head start with the gym.I used to wake up early in the morning and then followed a schedule.I used to spend time in the gym building up  my stamina.In few days I saw some some drastic changes and I had fallen for the gym.Gym-“my friend with benefit” made me fall in love with it.

Now,I  have really improved my concentration and build up the stamina which I had lost.I feel alive every moment and love to talk to people.I am always ready to learn new things,work efficiently upon assigned tasks and share my knowledge and experiences .

I believe we all must fall in love as well as rise with it.

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