My Wanderlust

The deep tiring work is easy to consume all the energy and the enthusiasm but my wanderlust keeps me alive. I can literally no doubt work for hours but when it comes to travel with no hesitation I am bang on. Who doesn’t loves traveling and when it is “The Queen of Hills” I am like wow. Mussorie is 35 km away from my place Dehradun. The boredom is enough to drive the students away from the University to the unique calmness of nature.

Within 78 minutes, we reached Mussorie after that boring lecture of Mrs. Sharma. Amidst the beauty of the hills, the mesmerizing trees and the migratory birds I laid down on the green grass. I realised life in those lectures is of no worth but life in this aura suits me. I sat down completing the last stanza of my poem “The Woods”.

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