I love Gadgets

Who doesn’t loves gadget? For every little thing we need a gadget.Thought about gadgets that could improve your fitness?Time to gear up for the work goers and the calorie conscious people.

Here are some of the fitness trackers you need to buy to abide by to stay fit.Wonder is about to happen.

1.Fitbit Charge 2

A fitness wristband to measure the heart rate. It is compatible with Android,IOS and Windows .The fitbit blend perfectly as an activity tracker, smartwatch and a runners watch. It is the best if people are too much careful about cardio levels of fitness.You want the breathing sessions too, then go for it.

2.Rufus Cuff

Many people are attracted towards wearable gadgets. Why not try a “wrist communicator” that works on Android OS? With GPS, Accelerometer, and Gyroscope, The Rufus Cuff supports most fitness apps.You can also taste flavors of a smartphone in this. You can check messages and reply via full screen keyboard or dictate using your linked smartphone’s built-in voice support.

3.Sensoria Fitness Running System

You need a personal coach for training? What if a gadget becomes your coach? Isn’t that going to be awesome?So here comes a virtual personal coach that customizes your workouts.If you are not in favor of the wearable option they go for this.You may also get benefits of a virtual shoe closet with this. You run and you get feedback on running performance.

4.Garmin Vivosmart HR+

Are you a runner and lookinf for a tracker. Vivosmart is the best.This activity band has 24/7 Optical HR and GPS built in it.If you are brave and ready to take up fitness challenges,go for it.Become smarter and better.


Want to have fun and work at the same time?Then Zenytime is for you.You have to do is play games with your breath in your mobile phone.After doing this you have to screen your health and boost up your body powers.It is the World’s First Smart Biosensing Game Controller.

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