Google Local Guides and IDF Campaign

Have you ever thought how beneficial it is to have anything on google- ‘the biggest search engine’? What is that makes us remarkable and outstanding? We live in an era where being awesome in all ways makes us different. So why not mark ourselves on the Google maps.Why not make our footprints strike on the map so that we are reachable by everyone, everywhere, every time?How far are we in this era? When we start a business or any sort of service how many of us are known locally, nationally or globally? We can register the business and services which are beneficial for the local as well as the national communities.

What are Local Guides?

Local Guide is an official program launched by the Google.There are travelers who are contributing by adding new places which are not on the google maps.People also contribute by adding images, reviews and by correcting the location of places which are marked wrong on the maps.This helps people who are new to a place spot the best places of their requirements and also helps to unlock rewards and gifts from Google.

IDF Campaign: India’s Digital Footprints

The student of Google Student Community, Dehradun Institute Of Technology started a campaign to bring the local shops which were not recognized by the local people but served a better product of interest.The impact was so great that the local businessman has started benefiting from it and the local commodities are acknowledged.The idea was to serve the people and make them realize the importance of digital India.

I being the campus lead for the IDF Campaign would like to share a success story.

A few months back for our selection task we had registered a shop by the name of “Scissors Unisex Salon”. The previous day one of the volunteers went up to the shopkeeper and asked a question-“Did the IDF campaign help you grow your business? ”The reply was “Yes!!” He narrates an incident where a tourist who had lodged in Mussorie wanted to get his haircut. The tourist googled for hair salons in Mussorie. Besides there being 10 other results than Scissors Unisex Salon he chose to call up this Salon for the simple reasons the photographs of the salon were promising and that the contact number was available on google.The tourist calls upon the contact and the shopkeeper gets his customer.The shopkeeper adds that Google had given him 3 or 4 more such customers.

This is one of the outcomes of the IDF Campaign.This way the campaign has marked its footprints on the local people.You can also contribute to the campaign by visiting

Discovering the undiscovered, adding photos and reviews help to earn rewards from Google which in itself is a pharaonic achievement.

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