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About Me


A stupid human creature trying to learn new each day.I am a tech lover currently pursuing her B.Tech CSE from DIT UNIVERSITY, Dehradun. I love to spend my time reading page source codes.Bikes and music improves the passion in me. Designing drives me crazy.
Blogging intervenes my motives.I like to share new things with people. Girls Talk......Nah. Tech Talk yeah. Life is a great game like football. Let's Play.


A great way to demonstrate some of your skills, and a way to help others around. Literally a step towards a change.


Awesome designs are recreated.I love to design the thing that reflect some real passion and hard work.

Web Development

Web Development drives me crazy.It hits me like some real good motivation and fun.

App Development

Developing some great apps and some new ideas to help the world is all i want.

Check my projects on github


Designs always make me go crazy. It is a great opportunity to create somthing that can make people understand something.That is what designs are made for -"All they do is potray everything without speaking."

Logo Designs

Creative logo designing ia a thing which I really like to do. A brilliant logo defines what you really want.

Poster Designs

Creating awesome poster that unleashes my creative potential and shares the message to the world.

Check my designs on behance

My Blog

Blogging is a hard work of the hands and a treat to the mind.It really intervenes my motives and takes me to another world.

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